Stark central element TYPE B 180X7,65X31.75 Z=2

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Número de producto: TH23TM10-31.75
Manufacturer product ID: TH23TM10-31.75
Información sobre el producto "Stark central element TYPE B 180X7,65X31.75 Z=2"

Cutterhead with HW reversible knives and spurs for making thin precision grooves , adjustable by means of spacing rings. The central element (type B) fits two standard disposable knives of 7,65x12x1,5 mm. Spacing rings are included.

tmax = 32 mm

Bore: 31.75 mm
Cutting length/height: 7.65 mm
Diameter: 180 mm
Material: Steel
Nmax (RPM): 4200 - 7300
Z (knives): 2

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